Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss in Quiver

Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss in Quiver


Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss was released in April 2015. For myself I’ve chosen the #Quiver shade. I don’t know about other shades, but Quiver definitely offers full coverage and pigment of the most color-rich lipstick. What kind of color is it? As most redsy-pinksy-fuchsia-like lipsticks, this one if challenging to swatch. Sometimes it looks warmer, and sometimes more purple. In Google you will find some red or even light-pink variations. One of the best swatches I could find was from Karen, including hand and lips. It never fails to describe a shades just in words, so here it is:

Quiver is a bright medium-light pink, slightly less clear that fuchsia and less muted than plum, although with some lighting you could call it plum.

If you need a cooler shade, the range offers you #Big Bang. If you need a plum, then you got #Vice, and if you’re looking for full fuchsia, then #Scandal is your bet.



The quality is amazing! I actually made a mistake while photographing this post by applying Tri-Aktiline wrinkle-filler on my lips. Sometimes I use it under a lipgloss, but mind you, not every lipgloss can be applied on top of it: you’d need a very gliding silicone formula, which slightly sticky Revolution Lipgloss is not. Anyway, the gloss does look great when applied and shows amazing hold for several hours.


5 hours later

The formula isn’t drying, and the colors mutes down evenly just by giving up shine bit by bit. The contour behaves exceptionally decent as well. I was using NYX lip pencil in #835.



Fotografie: Katja de Bruijn, studio Iconogenic (Almere)


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